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The glorious 100 years of Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

1919 - 2019


Sumana Saha, GCELT Batch 2013-17, CSE
"GCELT has given me plenty of memories to cherish. Apart from the family I formed here, the biggest takeaway from these four years would be a complete transition that I underwent here as a result of the numerous opportunities this place provides. The various seminars and training workshops ( Eg. Data Analytics by IEEE professionals, MVC Architecture by Acuity Space, Advanced JAVA by Ardent, Soft skills by TCS) provided me with lot of insights into the technical aspects of the course. My active involvement with the wall magazine and annual souvenir, the technical fest, Enginerds, the annual reunion, Punormilon and various other cultural events in the editorial, public relations and cultural departments enabled me to develop and nurture interpersonal skills which form an extremely important part of personality, all of which in due course helped me intensely in my MBA course. GCELT provides ample opportunities to network and gain exposure; it depends on students to grab them!"
- Sumana Saha, GCELT Batch 2013-17, CSE
Arunima Aich, GCELT Batch 2013-17, CSE
"Well, to put the 4year journey in a few lines is not an easy task. At the end of teenage years we all dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings and possibilities. Luckily I got into an institution which accepted me with open arms, nurtured me, gave me opportunities to learn and grow and sharpen my skills in my field of choice. In my very first year I got to deliver the welcome speech for the grand fund raising event organized by the college. It was a huge responsibility and a lifetime experience but mostly I was awed because not every college would rely this much on a first year student. In no time the professors, the seniors and batch mates became a family and my alma mater become my second home. From organizing two fests a year to the healthy academic competition we had amongst us, life was never dull at GCELT. The various seminars and training workshops held by and at college enriched my knowledge of the technical world. GCELT provides plenty of opportunities to build characters and gain exposure. Just like any other technical course, here also it all narrows down to the job you get on campus. And getting two jobs on campus was probably the best thing I could have asked for. Brush up your strengths and grab on the chances that come your way, trust me GCELT will never disappoint you if you don't disappoint her."
- Arunima Aich, GCELT Batch 2013-17, CSE