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Bibartan (বিবর্তন)

The glorious 100 years of Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

1919 - 2019

Program Details

The entire program has been divided as-

  • Inauguration
  • Intermediate
  • The 100th

The day will be inaugurated by His Excellency, The Governor of the state and Chancellor Mr. Keshari Nath Tripathi, in presence of Dr. Partha Chaterjee, Minister, Dept. Of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Biotechnology; Janab Javed Ahmed Khan, Minister, Dept. Of Disaster Management, Govt. Of West Bengal. The moment will be graced jointly with CLC Tanners Association; Indian Leather Product Association; Council for Lather Experts (Eastern Region). The vice-chancellor of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology;Director of CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute have also expressed their concent to njoin the program.

There will be a cenetenary lecture by Padmabhusan Dr. T. Ramasami on this occasion titled “Evolution of Science & Technology in India since Independence.”

There is another provision of lecture to be delivered by Shri Debayan Ghosh, our alumnus, titled “Odyssey”.

The cultural program will be conducted by Students, Alumni and some professional artists.


The tentative date is end of third week,2018. The program will comprise of—

a) Extempore lectures by students on vocational and non- vocational subjects.

b) Exibition and presentation of Research work conducted by students under the guidance of faculty members.

c) Friendship football match will be conducted among the nearby institutions and the final match will bw played during this period.

d) A special presentation on Blend of Science & Technology amd Fashion of Leather Articles.

e) Exibition on Mechineries

f) Computer- yesterday/today/tomorrow

g) Some special

N.B.- All efforts will be exerted to conduct the program in the campus of GCELT and EZCC.

The 100th

The program will be conveyed on 9th to 11th March, 2018. 11th March is the foundation day of the institute.

A special GCELT lecture in the memory of Prof. B.M.Das will be delivered During opening session. The whole programme on all subjects (technical/instrumental) use thoroughly delivered with all available faculty members on 18/03/2018 and the followship decisions use accepted by the host.

The topic chosen after discussion use selected as follows to be distributed in six topics:

  • 1. Science and technology as practiced in computer science and Information technology
  • 2. Science and technology as practiced in leather affiliated industry
  • 3. Footwear and footcare engineering
  • 4. Environmental (general and social) transparency and responsibility
  • 5. Special of computer science in leather and footware technology

All the session will be covered by a keynote address by eminent persons at the beginning of the session.

The overall theme of the program will be “analysis of stocks of intellectual impacts of science and technology then growth and the sustainability on the branches of health, computerized and software technology in financing general.

Validictory programme

  • 1. Entrepreneurship the proceeds of yearlong programme.
  • 2. Felicityship the best programmers in all segment of the centenary programme.
  • 3. Felicitation of achievers
  • 4. Awardship the sponsers (recognition)
  • 5. Lectures from members of industry on their spectation from the institution of college and society
  • 6. Any other discussion/ interactive programme to draw the future of the institute
  • 7. Awardship all rounder student of the year
  • 8. The release of commensurate issue
  • 9. Vote of thanks

Best student of the year best programme , best article in all technical session, best presentation in exhibition, best lecture in extempore competition, achievers award will be just by panel of jury and that selection will be considered as final.