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The glorious 100 years of Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

1919 - 2019


To be Recognized as the Center of Academic Excellence in Engineering Education in the Country
The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology, by virtue of its infrastructural and intellectual resources, can and will play an important role in addressing the India's most pressing challenges to graduate well educated nationals and promote the preservation and enrichment of the nation's in an era of increasing globalization and technological advancement. In addition, the college’s capacity to provide expertise and analysis will be utilized to participate in the formulation and implementation of alternatives for building both viable vision and sustainable economic development for the India.
Become More Student Focused
This college will focus on attracting and retaining good students who are well prepared to enter engineering degree programs. All members of the college community will center on and be committed to student learning and development; they will place students at the hub of what they do and how they think, thereby creating a true learning community within which students can meet their educational and societal obligations. Interactive and self learning techniques using new technologies will be given emphasis. The College will develop a thematically-integrated, technology-rich, student-centered learning environment that maximizes student acquisition of knowledge, skills and character traits that ensure successful careers as practicing engineers furthering Indian economic development. This college encourages and assists students to achieve the highest academic standards. Also it orients and encourages students to enroll into engineering disciplines that best meet market needs. It makes effective communications between students, faculty and administrators.
Maintain World Class Curriculum
In 1943, the Institute became affiliated to the Calcutta University with the introduction of a Three Years’ Certificate Course in Tanning, admitting students who passed the Intermediate in Science examination.
Develop a Service-Oriented, Responsive, Accountable Administration
The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology will continue to improve its organizational structure and administrative procedures for the furtherance of College's goal and provide service-oriented, responsive interactions in support of the academic programs. Emphasis will be given to effective use of modern technologies in all administrative units.
Maintain and Further Develop Modern Facilities
The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology will develop and maintain modern physical facilities in campus to better support instructional, research and service programs.