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The glorious 100 years of Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

1919 - 2019

College and Society
Ankit Pandey, 3rd year, IT
“A student is always known by the institution from which he is educated”.
Yes, the society knows you for your doings, your profession and your family. And as an engineering student it is great to see the respect in the eyes of the society. Engineering is one of the best profession. Without engineers, there would have been no development. In every field of works, some part of engineering is there. We live in a country which ranks second when it comes to the number of engineers it is one of the proudest moment in life to say – “ I am an Engineer”.
Sourav Mahata, 3rd year, CSE
Engineers must realize the importance of the relationship between an individual and the society. Men are belongs to a society and we are an important part of it. Even a college going student is bound to have links with other people who together form a society. Bibartn is a fire of a candle what we are waiting for many years. In 2019 our college celebrate the centenary. So, we are waiting for this and we are gather in this.
Raj Kumar De, 3rd year, CSE
“We are Engineers”. We are the piller of the society. Our responsibility is to change the society of better. Being the students of only Leather College of Eastern India we are pioneers of innovation in the society. Hence we continuously strive for the betterment of our environment. Centenary celebration of GCELT is a mirror. We see the evolution by looking at the mirror, which is floating like of feather in the sky and by looking at that we see a huge baniyan tree among whose shadow is shedding hundred and hundred of youngs siblings.
Md. Imtiaz Alam 3rd Year, IT
Human is a social animal. Thus it needs a society to live and flourish and WE, the student and engineers in near future had great impact on the society. The advancement in the science which ultimately made the society more comfortable will not be possible without ENGINEERS. The role played by ENGINEERS is more vital than any other professions. One may agree but simply can deny it. The tools, big and small, all are made by ENGINEERS. Without them we may still be living in caves. Before we thank Doctors or any other professions, we should thank those who never ever had their credit, ENGINEERS.
Anisha Mallick, 2nd Year, IT
Our GCELT, as the name suggests, is the one and only Government institution for study of Leather Technology in Kolkata. A hundred years and it is still standing as one of the most prominent institutions of Kolkata serving as the hotspot for the best engineers in the city. As the art of engineering becomes common in this country, GCELT continues to produce innumerous skilled engineers who after finishing education come forward to serve the nation and beyond. One of the rarest, yet a subject of utmost importance is a part of the curriculum, the technology of leather. It comes forward with young engineers who develop, discover and invent new technologies in the field of leather and its science, playing a big prominent role in the society and its making.
Ivy Mahajan,2nd year, IT
Students are the pioneers of the society, the future citizens. Being engineers and mostly civilians, we cannot really change the society by constructions and war fares. What we can do is to put in our bits of ideas. Ideas that can make the world a better place to live in. Such ideas can only be garnered in a beautiful mind, an educated mind. And hence, our college comes in this scenario. By educating us, the students. By teaching us moral values, our college supports the society in a way very few institutes can.
Vishal Malo, 1st year, CSE
We, the future engineers, should not miss any way to serve our society in any aspect. We always help everyone who is facing any problem. Every year, our college organizes a technical fest in which anyone can participate from any college. The brilliant minds can participate in this fest and win. So, it is the most useful thing I think we do for the society.
Pramita Chakraborty, 2nd year, LT
GCELT is the only Leather college in the Eastern Zone of India. As a consequence it creates a heavy impact on the mindset of people. We the budding engineers of GCELT are among the very less handful people, to serve the society being leather technologists. (Leather Technology, the stream which is more prominent in the college a unique stream as a result of which the intake is less).
We serve the society by trying to bring the changes in the process of leather manufacture, leather industry contributes a major part in enhancing the GDP of our Country. But the technology is not a green one.
So, being engineers or technologists we believe in innovation. Innovation for turning the technology into a green one into a sustainable one. As a consequence, we will be benefitted, society will be benefitted.