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The glorious 100 years of Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

1919 - 2019

Glorious 100 Years. As the earth spins around about its axis, everything gets older, no organization leaves on its own or for its own shake. The reason for existence of any organization is the quality & quantity of service that it renders to the target society. Celebrating our 100 glorious Years imparting wisdom and shaping the future under the name of "BIBARTAN".
Govt. College of Engg. & Leather Technology (GCELT) is celebrating its Centenary in year 2019. The College initially started in the year 1919 in the name of Calcutta Research Tannery on the recommendation of the Munitions Board set up by the then Govt. of British India immediately after first World war with the aim of exploiting indigenous sources of hides and skins and tanning materials for the purpose of production of leather and leather articles and development of leather industry in the country, later renamed as Bengal Tanning Institute in the year 1926 in the ambit of the department of industry and agriculture, Govt. of Bengal. It was then transferred to the Commerce, Industries and Labour department. In the year 1955, B. Sc. (Tech) degree course in Leather Technology was introduced with further recasting of name as COLLEGE OF LEATHER TECHNOLOGY (CLT) in the year 1958. A change in department from the Commerce and Industry so far to the department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal took place in the year 1968. This is one of the earliest colleges established in the world dedicated to Leather and allied science.
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REGISTRATION- All the main programmes of the centenary celebration of GCELT are registered. Early bird registration has been considered to be Rs. 2000 (Rupees two thousands only) per alumnus. This is valid upto 7th July,2018.

The registration beyond 7th October,2018 is considered to be Rs. 2500 per alumnus.
(Alumnus donation beyond registration will be displayed in this page)

DONATION- The registration fees fixed is nominal to combat the total programme. Hence, the alumni are requested to donate to the best of their capacity to make the programme glorious to the best possible extent. Any maount paid beyond Rs. 2000 will be considered as Donation.

All the alumni are requested to donate generously to make the program memeorable for ever.

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